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Our Professional Portfolio

Our Professional Portfolio

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IT Consultant Projects

1. Implementing and designing a layer 3 routing and layer 2 switching for a TCI Telecommunication Company    

Designing Network topology(OSPF), configuring the network planning

Considering the Backbone and different areas based on this topology.

Different areas and locations all around the country, there was a unique network based on the powerful routers and switches and high-speed.

Assigning the IP addresses to each individual network areas all around the country.

Considering full redundancy with our powerful equipment to make sure there is no downtime.

We are providing internet infrastructure for the other service provider under the same Company (TCI)

Deployment and troubleshooting of IP protocols

Troubleshooting and testing the network system.

Design and implementing MPLS/VPN (Pilot project)

2. CTT Medical System

Designing cloud computing components ( hardware, software and infrastructure), that enabled the delivery of cloud computing services such as SaaS (Software as a service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) via the network.

Changing all existing IP networks to Cloud technology.

Active directory considering different policies for all the users in different levels of permission.
Designing, implementing and configuring the network firewall.

3. MPLS/VPN Pilot Project:

– Architect OSPF/MPLS Core Provider based on labels in 5 cities.

      • Implementing and considering MPLS/VPN Services for the customers who wanted to create connectivity between their offices under the same SLA in different locations.
              • Create or Set Up connectivity between Edge (service provider side) and customer side (CE ) by assigning VRFs for every customer.
              • Set up MPLS in any interface in the Core

– Enable LDP in every place that we want to run MPLS.

4. Site-To-Site IPSEC VPN Project

Encrypt traffic between secure IPSec gateways by tunnel model.

Actually two Cisco routers connected over the internet via IPSec VPN, and each router acts as an IPsec gateway for their LAN, providing secure connectivity to the remote network.

5. BackBone Project

Installing and configuring of backbone equipment in more than 10 sites all around the country.


-Medical clinic employee’s performance reports. Active directory and Designing cloud computing components, Changing all existing IP networks to cloud system technology.

-Real estate’s website.

-Lawyer’s office Application system and responsive website.

-Hairdressing application system, creating customer’s files, retrieve data, update, colors, pictures, follow up, schedules, notes, and so on.

-Real estate: member login, customer info, property information, search by location, and type of the house and so on.

-Lawyer’s office system, using VB and Access, customer information, uploading files to their folders, adding pictures to the files, reports, scan to the files, printing, email follow up, and so on.

-Inventory application program;  inventory entry, count, order time, arrival, shipped, missing, and so on.

-In house applications, reports, interfaces, forms, and so on.

-Various programs and websites based on clients’ needs and business types.


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