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3D Printer How Does It Works?

3D Printer How Does It Works?

3D printing is changing the way we produce the objects in the world.

It is an advanced technology that become very useful in creating objects in almost any categories.

Such as: Food industry, Medical system, Manufacturing and so on.

Toys, food, clothing, tools, and even body parts are advance technologies that are already in use of 3D printing opportunity.

3D printing objects layers

What Is 3D Printing?

It is a part of process call Additive Manufacturing , which means objects created by adding materials layer by layer and able to create complex parts by very advanced machines.

By doing that most of cars and airplane parts are being created within the short time, price efficiency.

3D printing is great for building and sculpting for any 3D objects.

Before 3D printers were just for big manufacturers but nowadays they’ve build a small 3d printers that can be use at home or small businesses.

Steps Of 3D Printing

First Step For 3D Printing

You should create a blueprint of what you are planning to create.

There are many modeling software that you can use to create your blueprint with or you can use websites like : thingivers, shapewares or other sites that offer already built 3d blueprints.

Second Step For 3D Printing

When you’re done with your blueprint it’s time to send it to the printer.

There are many types of 3D printers that you can use, some of them the string goes from the back and some in the front.

Make sure read the instruction that comes with the machine before you use it.

3D printer usage

Every product uses different way of guideline to be able to use it.

When the printer receives the data then will send a signal to the tube to milt the material which is by default plastique in most of the cases.

Then will deposit it to the cool plate, and the printer will process the layering.

Layering means the 3D printer will deposit one layer at a time in order to finish the printing process until you have a full shaped 3d sculpture.

What Materials Use In 3D Printers?

The most common material use in 3D Printers is plastic, and they are the main materials in order to make 3d objects such as toys, tools, plastic plates and cool objects.

However, there are other materials that are in use nowadays which are the 3d printing in food industries.

3D printing in food manufacturing is a new evolution in food industries.

They can create a great delicious tricks with amazing design.

In the medical industries they are testing some bio-materials in order to be able to make body parts.

3D printing Body parts

By using the human cells they can 3D print some body parts such as:

  • Nose
  • Ears
  • Fingers
  • Toes
  • Or 3D print transplant organs

The first 3D house been build in China with the cost of only around $5000.00 which can be a new evolution in the construction world.

3D printing house in china

By using 3D printing in the real state industries we can imagine how much time we can save with a minimum amount of expense.

Cost Price Of Using 3D Printer

The 3D printing is the revolution in the manufacturing industries.

It is cost efficient and much cheaper and faster then the traditional way of making materials.

Manufacturers are able to make objects with the great design within a very short period of time and cost.

The one time pay for the purchase of the right type of 3D Printer is the first step to take and the rest is on the hand of the machine.

However, you still need to design your object with the special software but you will produce more materials within the shorter period of time and you can sell more withing the same time frame.

Most Useful Way of Using 3D Printing

1- 3D printing for any body parts for human being or animals when the body part is missing.

Mechanical engineers are so glad to use the advantage of 3D printing industries since they can add as much as details to their creation materials.

They can construct the most advanced pro-statics for human and animals as well.

2- The first incredible car urbee which is build with 3D printing.

Which is the uber eco friendly 3D car designed which will be taking few people all across the US with only 10 gallons of fuel.

All the parts of this car been created with advanced 3D printing technique and it’s totally green.

uber 3D car

3- Jewelries design with 3D printing is another way of new industrial revolution which they can make an amazing jewelry designs with a short period of time.

4- 3D printing in fashion industries also makes the designers to go further with their fashion designing and can make any customs or designed clothing.


Designers companies like channel or LV are trying to create the most weird designs for their fashion shows and they are using the 3D printing technology.

5- Arm casks, in 3D which is breathable and light weighted created for people with broken arms.

arm casks in 3D

6- NASA purchased a 3D printer to print pizzas for the astronauts while they are away to Mars.

The printer can add different flavors and toppings to the pizzas.

7- Music instruments in 3D printing is another way of using this amazing technology.

Printing can be in gold, stainless still, or other materials with the lowest price ever.

8- 3D print of your fetus, the 3d imaging been in the industry for a while but now with the power of 3d printing you are able to keep an sculpture of your fetus, touch and feel it and keep it as a souvenir for your own child too.

3d printing feuts

9- Dummy models for medical practices instead of practicing on real human body.

The scientists created the 3D body parts and it is great for surges and patients as well.

Moreover, there are many many objects so far been created with 3D printing technology and it is the greatest way of creating reliable objects within a very short period of time within a minimum budget and expenses.

Even the buildings that been entirely built with 3D printing from the bricks to the plumbing everything been created by the 3D technology.

Material Cartridge of 3D Printing

There are many types of 3d printers in the market which is the great evolution in the industrious that can create any objects with a proper materials.

The material layering technique of printing makes it easy to create any object with the great team of designers and good to go.

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